Could you imagine your life without food? Well, some people can. Deepen your gaze into introspective and personal story of a man, who decided to change his unpleasant physical, health and mental state and became a special one! Author is overtly sharing his experience with the reader in a thoughtful narration. A man who claims to feel great, living full and active life, running his own business, reaching any goal set and winning sport races. All roads lead to Rome, and author is talking about his “road” being taken to the state of exquisite balance. The main concern of the book is not to persuade people to stop eating meat, or eating at all or to stop watching TV, read tabloids, etc. Author hopes to inspire people by his example to stop and think, to change their way of thinking, living and perceiving own body intuition including. Book presents a new type of challenge for people completely swallowed by consuming society and skeptics denying inner voices and intangible energy resources. Main border that prevents people from healthy, happy and full life lies in limiting beliefs suggested by parents, society and own laziness. How can man individually progress through life burdened with limits? Author exceeded limits and opened full potential of his body, mind and lifestyle.

If herein book helps you to overcome your self-limiting beliefs by restructuring your thoughts, then the goal is reached. The goal is not to evaluate and deny; the goal is to motivate and encourage people to accept challenges coming from out there.

Enjoy reading!

Martin Bruncko
I am a businessman and sportsman, who still discover new, amazing things around me.
Život bez výhovoriek

Martin Bruncko - Život bez výhovoriek

A book about life changes and moving of own knowledge everyday a little bit further.