Thus, I´m on my way home from another business trip, and my head is full of information and data being successively evaluated and considered. The road was unusually calm and peaceful. Later I noticed a car running round and I happily read the inscriptions on the car written in different languages. Of course, I had no clue that moment what´s going on, but in a few moments I turned off my thoughts and thought about what the car actually attempts to say. ‘Follow me’. I tell you, seem like sect or the like :-) Weird! Patrol lights helped me to switch to a mode where I perceived reality as the crew within the police care wanted. Immediately, I focused on the speedometer and I already suspect the reason for this nice multilingual escort. Well, sometimes I don´t get the point, but what is the most important, I stopped :-)

I exceeded the speed, I violated the rules of the road. That’s right. But what awaited me in the next minutes it just passed my understanding. Gentlemen in uniform automatically classified me as ‘ nouveau riche, arrogant, dangerous enemy, spoiled brat and thief ‘ based on the car I had driven.

You know the story about two wolves locked in the room. Two equally strong and predatory wolves are fighting in life and death. One is white, healthy, and beautiful; symbol of goodness, love, harmony and goodwill. The other is black, angry, aggressive, and desperate; symbol of hate, imbalance, dissatisfaction and envy. No matter who provoked first, who attacked and who defended. Fangs are the same. WHICH WOLF WINS???

Gentlemen made me pay fee being unpleasant and bitchy. Nevertheless, I was able to maintain humility, peace and detachment. I do appreciate their work, but I would be happy, if it is reciprocal. And the fact that I drive ‘a few hundred horses’ does not automatically mean that I am a thief.

A story about two wolves ends up like this:


There are always two wolves in us. Constant battle. Who do you feed?

Thank you,


Martin Bruncko
I am a businessman and sportsman, who still discover new, amazing things around me.
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