It´s not only Slovak (Czech) characteristics that almost 75% of talks are dealing with meal, food and cooking. “What are we about to cook? When are planning to go shopping? Have a look what´s in the fridge? Where do we go out? What would you like to eat?” etc.  Well, you probably know that! Even when asking for fresh water in a restaurant or café, waiter is just disgusted by your scrooge order, your mates feel uncomfortable that you´re not eating anything saying “have at least something small” and other visitors think “oh, probably he was high last night”. 

I think that temperance is strength, energy and health. The most powerful people in the world, when going somewhere out (hm, usually that ´somewhere´ belongs to them) having a meeting somewhere, they ask for pure, fresh water, and no one considers them to be strange. They can allow purchasing whole Michelin with its starts, Mr. Ramsey with his food-empire and all that can be consumed in this world.  However, they realize that wealth does not lay in proving how much you can afford to eat. Even oligarch has only one stomach as big as a fist (plus or minus) and only one life s/he wants to enjoy as long as possible. No need to overeat. Sample menu looks like the following: pure water with lemon, coffee, salad, salmon, vegetable juice, water. Approximately 5 EUR per day for a person who owns half the planet. How much do you spend daily for food? And your parents and loved ones?

I have no idea who invented “Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Probably food industry invented such an idea in order to plant addiction for food, hand in hand with pharmacy industry helping us to lose weight and cure later on. Mom, shopping for 2 hours, cooking for 2 hours and spending hour by washing the dishes shows love to her family. Then she probably lacks energy, power and time to tell family members that she loves them and that she is happy to have all of them here and now. What would happen if she would have spent 5 hours with kids, family, partner, friends…chatting, playing, laughing and singing at barbeque grilling bread and onion and serving with salad form grandma? Why sweets are given as present, and why kids are awarded by McDonalds for being good and achieving great results. Why partner books romantic dinner or cooks half a day your favorite meal in order to make you happy? Mentality still dictates that only full fridge, 3 meals in restaurant are real expression of love and wealth (even if I had have eating dry rolls for the rest of the month) and the more you eat, offer and pay, more generous you are considered to be by the society.

I love food and when eating I want to fully enjoy it. I am just against addiction on food and eating as a social phenomenon (More can be found in my book Life without food).

Grandma bakes cakes for the grandchild as a sign of love. But baby will remember with the same intensity how she settled him/her on her knees and read personal “life story”. Material presents and food are not replacements for lack of involvement and love. The most valuable present for another person is our conscious time, chatting, emotional sharing and spiritual harmony. It all can happen while having water, juice or tea.

Way to a man’s heart is NOT through his stomach.

Martin Bruncko
I am a businessman and sportsman, who still discover new, amazing things around me.
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