I´m not telling anything new when pointing that the main task of media is to keep viewers, listeners and readers in “predefined” box. Manipulative techniques are quite clear, but still they are able to form desired audience. Intimidation, poverty, disasters, death, ridicule, intrigue and sketchy entertainment … when you watch news you got a strong feeling that the only thing remaining is to train your jump into the ark, with your family.

Long time ago, I´ve decided to use THAT red power button  on remote control, computer, iPad and newsstands are not crossing my way. I turned off media buzz that had depressed me.

I started to hear my thoughts, body, soul, heart… Suddenly, I have more time for myself, my hobbies, and loved ones. I have time to listen and hear them, perceive and talk about what is here and now. What is close and what am I able to change.

Yes, I lost “breadth of views”. But I gained no benefit, happiness nor satisfaction before. All necessary information finds its way to me right now. My friends experience success and I´m very happy for them. I’m always proud about Slovaks to be smart, resourceful and viable.


It feels sad when media constantly convinces people that they struggle difficult lives and businessmen are suffering. I can count dozen of world famous Slovaks who incredibly thrive in IT, sports, arts, Apps development, etc. being close to me (http://e-svet.e15.cz/it-byznys/slovenska-mobilni-jednicka-inloop-otevre-vyvoj-v-praze-1217167) . Unfortunately, media does not care much about such successful stories. Maybe media is being scared of those being a positive example for the others…I don´t know, I´m just thinking.


Therefore, exceed the limits of your comfort zone from behind the remote control for the whole world. Create a remote control for yourself, children, family, friends and loved ones. Give them the most valuable things that you own- your time, energy and love. These investments always pay off. Turn off media buzz and read the chapter Matrix from my book “Life without food.”





Martin Bruncko
I am a businessman and sportsman, who still discover new, amazing things around me.
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