My business life is closely connected to traveling. Every month I overcome hundred thousand kilometers. Thinking many times on what can make my traveling more effective from the perspective of time, money and energy saving. I was about 2-day-business-trip to Prague when realizing that certain great people, businessmen from absolutely different area, are heading the same way. So, I´ve decided to share a few nice hours in the car, making a loop, getting back by train-well, it may not sound like an effective deal. But when considering pros and cons I accepted one free place in the car. I can name a few drawbacks when travelling as a team: adjusting, picking up members of the team, tolerate little delays, accept regular breaks in order to eat (well not in my case :) My lifestyle is much different and I value my freedom when traveling alone. I don´t have to waste my time, let´s say when others go to have a lunch. But your life is your choice of priorities.

Two years ago I became friend with an idea that pointed to unexpected additional value of particular activity. I attended workshop abroad and one of my colleagues announced, that session itself may be not that much important than the very way to it. Paths towards the goal are actually becoming desired goal. I experienced something valuable, profitable and mind blowing while staying there. I describe herein “night of change“in my debut book „Life without food“. You never know what you are about to experience, if you say „yes“to chances.

6-hour- way to Prague. 6-hour-breathless listening of unforgettable dialog. Actually, it was meeting of three team members and amazing team. I thought I am pretty experienced businessman and lead my company well, but my jaw was opened during the whole conversation. Talk on how to get ready for two-day negotiation with the client- I was fascinated as a little baby boy listening a fairy tale. I didn´t understand a single content thing, but I was totally caught up with the way they led the dialogue. Negotiation was analyzed in detail, tasks delegated, talks planned, brainstorming of the possible situations recorded…I was fascinated by the respect they had over discussion. How come people are arguing when dealing with banalities? It´s all about respect will and value. Those people respected each other and wanted to achieve common goal. What a great experience for me personally! Anytime I had another opportunity to join those people, I´d do it so gladly. Words are not important, atmosphere, positive energy and respect in communication is what matters to me.

Think twice on how you spend your time. Is it an added value? Try to search for people that really will give you something, enrich you somehow in whatever way. Value your own time, value yourself, and try to understand that you are the one deciding on the quality of your life. Be active to get into top company. Top from the point of experience, success, tolerance and respect. Search for people, who achieved such values in their lives, in your country and under the same conditions you are living in. They can push you forwards. People complaining can improve only the way of complaining on their way to the bottom, to the negative hell. Want to have positive life? Start thinking!

Time and ideas are the true asset worthy of investment.



Martin Bruncko
I am a businessman and sportsman, who still discover new, amazing things around me.
Život bez výhovoriek

Martin Bruncko - Život bez výhovoriek

A book about life changes and moving of own knowledge everyday a little bit further.