Would you be able to restart from zero…

Zero is a number. Until you are alive, restart begins from zero.  You take off from the inner strength of spirit, strong will, systematic work, character, smile, communication, determination, responsibility for your actions and expertise, knowledge and skills … Well, I guess none of the above listed items are material.

Text is characterized by ironic undertone. I am sure that you are able to sense the exact passages (author´s note). 

Of course, you need to waste your time and energy criticizing prime minister- make fun, hate, swear. It´s cool to share bold posts, cartoons and the like. You feel fine to belong to vast group aggressively excelling in arrogance and vulgarity while expressing opinion. It all happened with the previous authority being blamed for decline of society that time. And there will be another name soon in government that people will hate, mock and decline…on and on for many years, name by name. People will always prove the majesty of their own EGO. Unfortunately, it is the only thing they are capable of. Those will never think that they actually can do nothing else but expressing “balanced” nature and negative feelings. There will be no real result coming from such activities, but negative feelings and aggression.

I don´t care much about current, past nor future prime minister. My life is about feelings and results. I do not care much for politics, as it does not bring benefits, results to me. Btw, I haven´t seen mocker at the prime minister´s position and doubt the way s/he would have been acting. Society is stuffed with “intelligent” authorities losing their moral fight in life.

Another great activity is to criticize neighboring countries, their policy, government, money business, preferred regime. Let´s spend time and valuable energy to evaluate. Many people really enjoy judging our southern neighbors (Hungary), swearing at them and show their aggression. Recently, when I attended Spartan Race I´ve helped one, so hope none of the “intelligent” residents will send me to death for that. We need to criticize, mock, swear on people in the Southern Europe. To blame for their lifestyle and actions, way they spend money and think. We have that right, because we are absolutely perfect in any aspect, responsible, our country is one with the highest standards in Europe that give us the right to point. Such people are highly irresponsible for own actions and hide own failures by loud accusation presented online.

People coming here are considered to be evil. Let´s spend plenty of time to evaluate them and plant aggression to them. Let´s wish all the worst. Actually such way of thinking caused situation when people were forced to leave their homes and search for better future for their families out there. Who criticizes? We are not competent to judge, neither evaluate nor hate. We are competent to understand, love and help.

Just imagine the same “war” situation happening in your country…situation that endangers your life, life of your child and family. You hold the hand of your child in one hand and water in the other and you start somewhere from zero. You have nothing, but yourself, your skills, knowledge and bravery. Have you capacity to restart?

What´s the point?  Some people deal with everything around them, and forget to deal with own lives. Behaving as actors in sketchy soap operas. They love intrigues and wait every day for a new bite worthy of ridicule, criticism and condemn. They consume all the inputs that politics offer, unfortunate cases of others provided by media buzz etc. Big brother is laughing at them and keeping them in predefined obey “box”. There are two groups of people: Indeed balanced, result – oriented, self-critical and self-developed. Such people do their best to be successful, prosperous in many life spheres in order to help weaker and more vulnerable. The other group is made of media garbage keepers criticizing everyone and everything in order to hide their own fails. Which category are you in?

Anyway, I wish that we direct our energy and time to prove ourselves, investing into own development and happiness. If you want to change things globally, never waste your time criticizing, attacking, and mocking others. Invest your power to become your better “self”. Then the world will become a better place to live.



Martin Bruncko
I am a businessman and sportsman, who still discover new, amazing things around me.
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