Let’s narrow ample concept of luxury by means of comparison. Compared to people of the third world, who struggle to get drinking water and basic safety, we live in luxury. When compared with the world’s most developed countries and mentalities, we are far below the ‘standard.’ However, if transferred into our region (SK) and reflect on what is considered to be luxurious in Slovakia, except material goods, so it is any private service provided individually. It does not matter whether we are dealing with service in banking, business, or perhaps sports. But what’s so luxurious about it?  What assumptions are luxurious? And who decides?

People keep telling me that hiring a personal trainer is very expensive and luxurious affair for them, which cannot be afforded. Really? How about shortening one’s passivity and comfort and adding to activeness and success. E.g. Do you smoke a pack of cigarettes and enjoy lunch in the nearest fast food or restaurant. Rethink, does it really enforce the quality of life you want to live? And how the quality of your life can be changed by coach´s intervention? If you opt for the luxury of individual sessions and dilute wasting time and money for nonsense stuff, suddenly, money will appear available for lifestyle improvement. The money is there, but being incorrectly invested. Money is not conclusive. What matters the most, is your decision about the direction and company you want on your way. If you reconsider your finances, your budget and you really want the change; to do something for yourself, something that is absolutely beneficial for you, you will certainly find necessary resources for implementation of beneficial and healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle is a question of priorities. If a man wants to achieve results, it does not matter in which area, and really wants it, means it, s/he will always find the path.

I had that exact feeling, that Marek is the right person to push my physical condition beyond current horizon. He became my personal trainer and I’ve noticed the difference immediately. So now, I will describe luxury that everyone points to when I mention paying for personal, individual trainings. The luxury is about absolutely no opportunity to escape, when coach squeezes last sweat drops from you. You literally feel his gaze on your body, in case you even try to think to relieve from particular exercises. The luxury lies in the fact that I look at his sneakers more often than to his face, because when pushing own limits, you are lying on the ground knocked down with exhaustion and catching breath. At the same time you are laughing with happiness to have such an opportunity. Luxury is also that you can yell at full throat when your coach stretches shortened tendons and muscles. You can endlessly ask for a technique of exercises, you can learn a huge amount of information about your own health, body, its parameters and limits. This is what I consider to be a luxury. Not the money everyone points to. I´ve just stopped wasting money to nonsense stuff and I prefer to invest it into individual training sessions.

Do something good for yourself without excuses, something that will bring real benefits. Simply allow luxury to hug you when pushing your boundaries, not when being idle. You have the opportunity to stop wasting money senselessly on cigarettes, overpriced food of poor quality, and lots of other unnecessary things. Instead, invest saved money into yourself, into activities that can be enriching for you.

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Martin Bruncko
I am a businessman and sportsman, who still discover new, amazing things around me.
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