Where have you left your instructions on restart (yourself)!

If you are not a professional programmer, developer, hacker or another php guru, then you belong to “common users”. Your hardware and software work with operating system and antivirus. Basics. Computer (and other technological equipment) are used routinely, every day, most of the day, whether for work, entertainment, communication, problem solving, browsing, searching, virtual socialization, information gaining, etc. You are using it and it carries out what is entered, asked and required.  Utilization occasionally requires cleaning up, organizing, updating and refining things clear. If your processor is overloaded with tones of information and intense activities, instructions, updates and changes, its activity will slow down and even terminate. The device needs a restart. You can visualize that box on the bar, where we have to choose from multiple options, but following basic 3 are:

Stand By

Turn Off


You can even opt for the “Cancel” button, if you want to keep listening that buzzy noise and ready to accept slow performance of the appliance.

No, this is not a course on how to use a computer (devices) for beginners. It is the view on your own application and restart. Personal restart. Restart, that is far from being fast, hassle-free and instant, as in the case of computing devices. Nevertheless, it is possible.

I would like to compare hardware, operating system, software and antivirus operation with functions of individuals within particular society. Sometimes, I have a feeling that our society works in “stand by mode” hibernating, or even resigning by pressing “cancel” button. Then there are the individuals who have decided to disable themselves by pressing “turn off” button, or let themselves to be turned off by the society. And then those warriors like me, who decided to “restart own personality”.

When you feel that your “processor” is overloaded, slowed down and overwhelmed, why don´t you restart it? You just have to hit the right “window” and select “restart” button. Do not allow anyone else to click into your system. How simple and obvious. You’re doing it every day and many times when making decisions about others but “your devise”. How about sitting in front of the “screen” of own life and clicking the right buttons?

Similarly, as the computer will carry out only what it is being asked, you do only what is asked by the 5 richest families in the world, as well. Because you gave them the power to sit behind your “device”. They will control you and your actions entire conscious life. Unless you are active, financially profitable and healthy, you will be kept in at the stage of knowledge “hibernation “. In “stand by mode” full of hopes, but hibernating. And one day SOMEONE ELSE decides for you to “turn off” your device and even takes off the battery.

One day I faced my “ Windows” reflecting my own soul pointing to miserable state of my body and my decrepit mind. I have restarted myself!

How? More can be read in the book “Life without food”.

Who sits behind your “laptop” and decides on your rewarding “restart”?

” Whatever a man believes in “.


Martin Bruncko
I am a businessman and sportsman, who still discover new, amazing things around me.
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