Again, I was accused of being crazy! Many were astonished to hear that I´ve signed up for relay race with a total length of 345 km. I´ve been asked whether I really became mad and why have I been doing it, for what and what do I need to prove. The question is what assumptions are assigned to a fool man, why people do certain things and for what reason. I try therefore to answer a few points and at the end of this blog you can make your own opinion whether fools are not the ones who appointed me to be the one.

It all commenced on Friday evening on 14th August, 2015 when we met in a small town near the start. We ended up in one of the ‘pubs’.  At the table, I enthusiastically listened to my co-runner. Elderly man with incredible lookout, life experiences, incredibly well-read. I devoured most of his words. I realized that the actual enrichment lies in deep discussion with that person about anything; his open-minded attitude expands your own horizons.

Our team consisted of twelve amazing people. The combination of always smiling ladies with enlightened gentlemen in the best years and energetic experienced runners formed unbelievable compilation.

I observed it all with amazement and I enjoyed every minute in the presence of these great people.

Nobody pretended anything, no one was dealing anything. The best ones always pulled up the average individuals and they did it with such ease and humility that I wanted to extend that crazy race for the whole week. I’m just an average runner and each segment was an absolute challenge for me and I often had to extend another line of my border to be valuable member of the team. When you run at 2 a.m. at night through “nobody´s” land and first crisis comes while running, first pain appears and all manifestations of fatigue and exhaustion breaks through your body not ready to defend itself, right at that moment the nature prepared amazing theatre with storm casting burdened with lightening and extremely intense rain- that´s the moment when humility comes, you are immediately able to reach your own essence, your thoughts flow in the right direction and speed. You are running alone, at night, during a storm. You are tired and exhausted. And you do this because you want to, desire to overcome yourself. To want to push your own boundaries, you want to discover your own limits. And I had the opportunity to experience it all with the knowledge that guy who picked up the baton after me will easily cut down my temporal losses, that others are waiting for me at the finish as a hero, as an equal runners.

I met completely new people during “racing” three days. These people did not consider me to be crazy, nor asking me why I’m doing it. These people were the same “fools” as I am and I suddenly appeared in a very normal company.

So, I happy to be considered fool unless I belong to such a great company and I´m ready to attend a few other extreme events in the future. We ran two days nonstop and at the end of the race I really and sincerely wished that the track had been a little longer because I kinda wanted to stay a little longer in the presence of these wonderful people, enjoying every word, glance, smile. It is strange that it would have been conditioned by next running stretch where I had to overcome fatigue and exhaustion again, but I would love it because of these wonderful people. These are my true values.

Who is crazy? Anyone who defies the average is thus a fool, regardless of fluctuations in the direction of the weights arrow? And who is normal? Anyone who wants to blend in with the masses, not to be seen nor heard? A person who believes that the world is negative, evil and dangerous? Man, who constantly evaluate and criticize other people’s lives, addressing politicians, intrigue and similar matters? And along the way somehow forgot to evaluate himself/herself, forgot to work on himself/herself, forgot to move own borders? Whose lives do we want to live? Lives of politicians, media famous people? Or do we want to live our own lives. Is this country really that bad and only unfortunate things are happening here as being represented by media?

I decided to overcome by running a part of Slovakia with a bunch of amazing strangers. A piece of such an amazing country full of fantastic nature. If every outrunning sportsman from a competitive team is worried whether you are okay, whether you have water, or just greets; when competitive team´s vehicle asks whether you’re okay and need anything; when you see smiles, happiness and absolute humility, respect by a man to a man. You do not believe, you cannot believe that this country is bad and negative. I regret that our amazing media ignore spreading out positive news. Information about happiness, results, success and power that helped human spirit to overcome human body. Information about the beauty of Slovakia with amazing people living here, who are ready to overcome themselves in whatever area of ​​their lives.

Finally, I want to thank for being a part of such an elite team. Maybe not elite in terms of sporting results, but certainly elite in terms of humanity spirit. Thus, I am glad to take such an opportunity again and to become crazy for the others, just because I want to do thing differently…


Martin Bruncko
I am a businessman and sportsman, who still discover new, amazing things around me.
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