Don´t be scared to be selfish… especially when you hurt nobody by being like that.

People keep telling me that I came over many changes. Certainly, up to certain extent I agree. Especially when looking in the mirror and then at two-year-old pics. Just when I remember my mindset in the past and current way I perceive the world today. Looking at my current physical and mental health and poor condition in the past. Many changes happened in my life. I don´t bother whether these changes are perceived by my surrounding as positive or negative. Everyone shall have his/her own opinion. What really matters, is that my changes do not limit anyone and have never hurt anyone. That is one of my priorities. The only thing, I disagree with and do not identify myself with, is when people refer to my changes in the past tense. Actually, I am constantly changing, I´m constantly moving my physical and mental borders, limits, reasons, mindset and prejudices.  I´m constantly acquiring new skills and I´m always opened to meet new people. And believe me, I´ll never gonna give up, because moving constantly forward, gaining new experience, meeting new people –that´s how I love my life to be.

One day I´ve met another fantastic person. Maybe you know the state, when you feel that you´ve succeed and achieve a lot, gained experience and expertise and you feel like a mature, experienced man. Calm, balanced and open-minded person. You feel empowered to lead, mentor and teach others; recommendations by others are barely accepted. And suddenly, boom! You meet a person who will overcome you in all levels. And that with absolute detachment, lightness and smile. You have two options:

a) You can mint your own way, assert your own truth, let your ego shine and feel to know everything.

b) Or you can listen herein person with absolute passion, enjoy his/her presence and try to learn something, spot something.

But there is one more option.

c) You ask that person to lead you, to give tasks being absolute nonsense and absurd at first sight, tasks that consume your free time, that regularly get you outside of your comfort zone. Yes, that person dares to improve you- seemingly super experienced being with clear objectives and absolute detachment.

I decided on a third option. I let my bulletproof ego at home on the shelf and armed with absolute humility- I stood in front of this fantastic creature literally barefoot and asked to guide me, teach me, and introduce new things to me, to embarrass me, literally every day to break down my comfort zone to tiny bits. And all this at a time when I was sure and I thought that I am the top, mature, experienced, out of the box thinker.

If you can understand that perfection does not exist, if you can literally cancel your ego that constantly tells you that you are right and your reality is the only one, you will understand that the path to knowledge, to personal development can be infinite. Find the right guidance that makes your path to success direct and seamless, not easy, though.

Therefore, past tense in connection with changes in my life and my personality are none of the case. Let´s remember that sustainable help to others and creation of constantly new values ​​can be done only when you can fill yourself to the brim. Invest in yourself first. Fulfill your imaginational glass with strength, energy expertise and offer the surplus to others. Use positive charge of notion “selfishness” in order to be strong, open-minded and handle your life fully controlled; just then you are able to help others in sustainable, long-term, tireless way with the utmost humility and respect. What I actually do now is filling constantly out my imaginary “glass”. In order to make the most of it flowed, because the more I have the more I can give away to others. Sometimes one has to change the view, to change the way life is perceived; sometimes it is really good thing to put aside your ego on the shelf.

Try for a moment to be selfish and do not feel sorry when being happy, accepting things and enjoying life in order to have something to give away one day.

Thank you, fantastic creature, that you constantly teach me to invest into myself first in order to reinvest, spread out and to help others.


Martin Bruncko
I am a businessman and sportsman, who still discover new, amazing things around me.
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