What ideal living room means? How do you imagine it? What is the first thing popping to your mind? Sure. We all have our own ideas, some are identical, some completely different. In any case, I think that common attribute will show something that is comfortable for us. Living room is a space determined for comfort, entertainment, leisure. My room, which I consider to be my dream living room, however, is a little bit different. Well, quite a bit different, but nonetheless embodies and meets all personal attributes that have been describing above.

No TV, yet I have always something to look at and I am definitely not bored. I have a rubber floor, but it can be considered as the best of its kind, not cheap at all and perfectly suited for the purposes of this living room. If you look for some furniture in my living space, what a shame! There is none. But I always have where to relax, gain energy. Would you like to have such a living room, where you will be able to immediately forget all your problems and outside world ceases to exist literally? I got such. What if staying in my living room would fill you with absolute happiness, energy, and every minute would enrich your body and mind? Then welcome to the best living room ever!

In a few months it will be two years since I´ve discovered this amazing place and I am very glad that I can share it with other great people. It meets all the parameters for a place for rest, relaxation, energizing. Therefore, the place where I go to exercise I call “my living room”. Therefore, welcome to my living room – the best Gym ever.

I remember my first day I came here. It was great fun. In my book ‘Life without food’, I´m describing herein fun as well. Anyway, I was welcomed by the man who has no prejudice against a weak, little shy and obese people. That was me back then. I was welcomed by generous and friendly guy. And I had the feeling that I know Markus for a long time. Till today, he still accompanies me in every training which is regarded as an absolute matter of course. He expresses disappointment if exercises are mishandled, however, I used to perform them well, encourages me when I really have enough, gladly explains everything that is new to me. He cares about my health, and he cares that I perform everything right not to get hurt. Exactly, as if I were a member of his family. And indeed, I am because I feel that way. When I enter our living room, I always look around while entering who is in for the training. There are lots of great people. I am happy when I see someone new. I am happy when I see people who have decided to leave their comfort zone and they are still at the very beginning. I remember my beginnings and I wish these people to achieve personal success, to endure on their way, so that they also consider this great place to be their living room, full of fun, great atmosphere, relaxation- boasting with real values. People do not perceive you in terms of ego. Different policy applies here. Experienced help newcomers. If you can stand up and make a decision. Just do it. No matter in which area. Take a breath and exit from your comfort zone. That´s the moment real life begins. Never-ending serials, intrigues and cases…rubbish. Most people waste their precious time gathering such “info rubbish” and have no time to discover neither themselves nor real life. When you drop your ego at the door and begin to act with absolute humility, you will discover your limits. That’s life.

So you gain knowledge, no one can ever give you. No TV, no educational authority nor work colleagues. This knowledge is IN you and you will find it when you understand. And you understand when you exit from your comfort zone. Regular visits of living room mean regular abandonment of comfort zone for me. Nevertheless, I find this relaxing, fun and challenging.

Moreover, I spend time with people I enjoy. Find your own living room, break stereotypes and understand, explore, start living!

Thank you,


Martin Bruncko
I am a businessman and sportsman, who still discover new, amazing things around me.
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