Slovak author, charismatic speaker, entrepreneur and sportsman.

I was born, grown up and live in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe. My life ran in predefined matrix and one day I decided to stop playing “must”game. I took over the wheel of my life into my own hands and directed it towards freedom, health, prosperity and happiness. I got rid of many dependencies that burdened my being: cigarettes, pills, laziness and passivity, food etc.
I´m not a writer, but I wanted to put down my life, opinions, and changes in mental and spiritual world on the e-paper. There is my debut e-book “Life without food” that describes my way to personal, mental and social freedom. It is not technically about “not eating” for more than a year or “diet” only. It is about mental and spiritual liberation that burdened genius in you. It is about will to live a life you deserve and wish to have- healthy, happy and loved without harming anyone. Remember, there is no “must” in your life, unless you decide so.

“Whatever a man believes in”

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Život bez výhovoriek

Martin Bruncko - Život bez výhovoriek

A book about life changes and moving of own knowledge everyday a little bit further.