Spartan Race Extreme Obstacle Racing, Donovaly, July 18th 2015, Slovakia


Another week full of freedom began - freedom of mind. I managed not to think about many things that make my life difficult. Food is one of them and during extreme temperatures out there my body works more efficiently without eating. At the end of the week, on 18th July 2015, another personal challenge was waiting for me - Spartan Race Super Donovaly, SK. It's my fifth Spartan race and I keep tight to my principles. I ate nothing during the whole week (except drinking fresh water and coffee), trained intensely crossfit in our amazing Gym, I worked, since I am responsible for many fantastic people in our company. Entrepreneurs know exactly what I am talking about. Moreover, I travel over thousand kilometers by car each week. If someone associates zero consuming with almost no activity, supposedly to save energy, the exact opposite is true. I live active life, I have intense training program exercising CrossFit- a combination of gymnastics, weightlifting and aerobic exercises. And what is the most important, I'm healthy and I'm fine.

I do not belong to any of the „social boxes“


I note that it is increasingly difficult to live a life being „non-foldered“into certain category. What I mean is that „foldering“perfectly matches the needs of our society/media. It makes differentiating categories of people simple and thus, there are neither additional questions appearing nor incentives to reflect on. And the interesting thing is that each category has its own reputation. What a bad luck, if you belong to the one with a bad renown.

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