Thus, I´m on my way home from another business trip, and my head is full of information and data being successively evaluated and considered. The road was unusually calm and peaceful. Later I noticed a car running round and I happily read the inscriptions on the car written in different languages. Of course, I had no clue that moment what´s going on, but in a few moments I turned off my thoughts and thought about what the car actually attempts to say. 'Follow me'. I tell you, seem like sect or the like :-) Weird! Patrol lights helped me to switch to a mode where I perceived reality as the crew within the police care wanted. Immediately, I focused on the speedometer and I already suspect the reason for this nice multilingual escort. Well, sometimes I don´t get the point, but what is the most important, I stopped :-)

Way to a man's heart is NOT through his stomach


It´s not only Slovak (Czech) characteristics that almost 75% of talks are dealing with meal, food and cooking. “What are we about to cook? When are planning to go shopping? Have a look what´s in the fridge? Where do we go out? What would you like to eat?” etc.  Well, you probably know that! Even when asking for fresh water in a restaurant or café, waiter is just disgusted by your scrooge order, your mates feel uncomfortable that you´re not eating anything saying “have at least something small” and other visitors think “oh, probably he was high last night”. 

Personal restart


Where have you left your instructions on restart (yourself)! If you are not a professional programmer, developer, hacker or another php guru, then you belong to "common users". Your hardware and software work with operating system and antivirus. Basics. Computer (and other technological equipment) are used routinely, every day, most of the day, whether for work, entertainment, communication, problem solving, browsing, searching, virtual socialization, information gaining, etc. You are using it and it carries out what is entered, asked and required.  Utilization occasionally requires cleaning up, organizing, updating and refining things clear. If your processor is overloaded with tones of information and intense activities, instructions, updates and changes, its activity will slow down and even terminate. The device needs a restart. You can visualize that box on the bar, where we have to choose from multiple options, but following basic 3 are:

Time is your enemy. Can´t be stopped from flying. But you can value it as a precious friend and make it your best asset.


My business life is closely connected to traveling. Every month I overcome hundred thousand kilometers. Thinking many times on what can make my traveling more effective from the perspective of time, money and energy saving. I was about 2-day-business-trip to Prague when realizing that certain great people, businessmen from absolutely different area, are heading the same way. So, I´ve decided to share a few nice hours in the car, making a loop, getting back by train-well, it may not sound like an effective deal. But when considering pros and cons I accepted one free place in the car. I can name a few drawbacks when travelling as a team: adjusting, picking up members of the team, tolerate little delays, accept regular breaks in order to eat (well not in my case :) My lifestyle is much different and I value my freedom when traveling alone. I don´t have to waste my time, let´s say when others go to have a lunch. But your life is your choice of priorities.

A Brief Look into my living room.


What ideal living room means? How do you imagine it? What is the first thing popping to your mind? Sure. We all have our own ideas, some are identical, some completely different. In any case, I think that common attribute will show something that is comfortable for us. Living room is a space determined for comfort, entertainment, leisure. My room, which I consider to be my dream living room, however, is a little bit different. Well, quite a bit different, but nonetheless embodies and meets all personal attributes that have been describing above.

Several words on current social situation. Restart launches form zero.


Would you be able to restart from zero... Zero is a number. Until you are alive, restart begins from zero.  You take off from the inner strength of spirit, strong will, systematic work, character, smile, communication, determination, responsibility for your actions and expertise, knowledge and skills ... Well, I guess none of the above listed items are material.

Turning media buzz OFF and turning „Matrix“ ON


I´m not telling anything new when pointing that the main task of media is to keep viewers, listeners and readers in “predefined” box. Manipulative techniques are quite clear, but still they are able to form desired audience. Intimidation, poverty, disasters, death, ridicule, intrigue and sketchy entertainment ... when you watch news you got a strong feeling that the only thing remaining is to train your jump into the ark, with your family.

Be selfish


Don´t be scared to be selfish... especially when you hurt nobody by being like that. People keep telling me that I came over many changes. Certainly, up to certain extent I agree. Especially when looking in the mirror and then at two-year-old pics. Just when I remember my mindset in the past and current way I perceive the world today. Looking at my current physical and mental health and poor condition in the past. Many changes happened in my life. I don´t bother whether these changes are perceived by my surrounding as positive or negative. Everyone shall have his/her own opinion. What really matters, is that my changes do not limit anyone and have never hurt anyone. That is one of my priorities. The only thing, I disagree with and do not identify myself with, is when people refer to my changes in the past tense. Actually, I am constantly changing, I´m constantly moving my physical and mental borders, limits, reasons, mindset and prejudices.  I´m constantly acquiring new skills and I´m always opened to meet new people. And believe me, I´ll never gonna give up, because moving constantly forward, gaining new experience, meeting new people –that´s how I love my life to be.

Getting to know Slovakia from Tatras to Danube- running 345 km


Again, I was accused of being crazy! Many were astonished to hear that I´ve signed up for relay race with a total length of 345 km. I´ve been asked whether I really became mad and why have I been doing it, for what and what do I need to prove. The question is what assumptions are assigned to a fool man, why people do certain things and for what reason. I try therefore to answer a few points and at the end of this blog you can make your own opinion whether fools are not the ones who appointed me to be the one.

Relativity of luxury


Let’s narrow ample concept of luxury by means of comparison. Compared to people of the third world, who struggle to get drinking water and basic safety, we live in luxury. When compared with the world’s most developed countries and mentalities, we are far below the 'standard.' However, if transferred into our region (SK) and reflect on what is considered to be luxurious in Slovakia, except material goods, so it is any private service provided individually. It does not matter whether we are dealing with service in banking, business, or perhaps sports. But what's so luxurious about it?  What assumptions are luxurious? And who decides?

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